Interpreting Dream Symbols


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Butterfly = Beauty. Victoria believes it is the perfect logo/ sign to express the beauty of all women, so the butterfly ribbon has become the signature label design for Victoria’s brand.



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The winged horse to fly you to the kingdom of childhood dreams. As a child, Victoria always dreamed of riding a white Pegasus to help her reach her goals, so for Victoria Pegasus = Dream = Talent.
Today Victoria’s inherent talent is widely recognised, but she still believes her Pegasus can take her to even higher levels of excellence and achievement, and that is why you’ll find a huge white Pegasus in each “bread n butter” store, and why the Pegasus motif is used as a decoration in some clothing lines.


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French Garden

Victoria will always remember that most creative time spent in the little French garden at St Paul’s through which she discovered her purpose in life. To pay homage to this, there are elements of the French garden throughout Victoria’s shops, including garden gates, purple lavender, sculptures and other garden decorations. In this way, Victoria hopes that all “bread n butter” customers can enjoy not just her clothing designs, but also get a feel for truly French living.